The 2016-2017 season of forest fires left destruction never recorded in the south-central zone of Chile. The consequences of it were of 5,244 fires with an impact of 569,989 hectares and 2,500 homes. The most serious case was the one in Santa Olga town, where the destruction exceeds 1,000 homes, destroying the entire city. Reconstruction is an indisputable subject, but the existing model of growth by expansion left a clear vulnerability within the territory.

“WARIA LEMUY,” forest city in Mapudungun (the native language of the sector), proposes a new way of inhabiting the territory, through a system of high-rise buildings, avoiding the effects of the previous settlement model. The objective is to face the reconstruction from a new perspective, recover housing and infrastructure loss, added to a flora and biodiversity restoration through a system that prevents and mitigates eventual catastrophes. Applying a renovation process that allows coexistence with geography and territory.

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Claudio C. Araya


Evolo skyscraper competition 2018

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Santa Olga, Chile