Synergistic Geography  |  Landscape Restoration

The management plan is sustainable over time, a wide variety of natural resources are used to cover demands as to security. Since the forest serves as a goods protector against floods, the raising of algae as a source of research, food and work, better quality water, and new and better interaction spaces that dialogue with the river, which means an important impact on the people economy and the ecosystems healthy.

The character of the proposal, topographically diverse and composed of a sinuous drainage system and storage points. Adaptive design that recognizes as the main identity matrix, the fusion of water and land, river and mountain range, in which Concepción was founded. And synthesized and integrated low environmental impact strategies to modify the morphology of the river, redefine its flow and balance its impact. Making operations using the same natural resources of the place and adopt them as opportunities through design proposals that follow and understand natural processes, oriented towards a new way of intervention that modifies the way of coexisting and facing the flood, reactivating the natural and original defenses of the territory.

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Claudio C. Araya, Diego Riveros, Sofia Astudillo


Rehabilitation Andalien River Plan

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Concepción, Chile