Espacios Heredados  |  B. Arch thesis

Under the concept of “cicatrix”, referring to the traces and phenomena present in the territory, which were understood as a language of events and dynamics, with the ability to speak of the memory of the place.

The proposal, a territorial rehabilitation plan, capable of attending existing urban problems and of cushioning expansion, as a way of ordering growth, without destroying preexistence, fostering local identity and cultural character. Creating new swaths over the territory that favors a more active and direct relationship with this and the present heritage, in the boom of demographic growth and communal independence. A reconstruction of the local identity, under the framework of untapped natural and cultural assets.

The main objective seeks to regenerate the link between city and territory. Generating axes of connection to the heritage to establish the dialogue between both. Converting the perimeter barriers to a new active urban focus, recognizing the natural perimeter as community parks, with this it is sought to use the identity as a catalyst of the collective space, encouraging the use and enjoyment of the place, conceiving its revaluation and allowing ordering the continuous expansion through these transverse green stripes.

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Claudio C. Araya


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Placilla, Chile