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Our decisions respond, essentially, to what is the position of our architecture against the fashion concept; understanding fashionable as scenery for people, an experience through the textile, its textures, and colors, a new identity is attributed to the human body.

Our project is not such, without significance for the collective identity. We regenerate the value of the image, discover and nurture the vocation of the project and the place, returning to what once these lands represented as political and military successes. Going back to the beginning, return to the brick, that the user is the main actor of this work, the protagonist. To build the experience and to highlight the roots of the local heritage as the architectural ruler of the project. Wrap the facades, attach to the pre-existence, not deny them, but respect them and seduce with a blanket all previous morphology for the preparation of new spaces delivered to the visitor.

We create an ethereal, voluble, and interpretative democratic monument, an international scenario as an interactive and recreational platform, whose social coexistence coexists between disciplines -architecture and fashion- for the renewal and reinvention of the fabric of the new symbol of international fashion.

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Claudio C. Araya - Felipe Rivera


Young Architects Competitions

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Bologna, Italy