CEREMONY SHELTER  |  Pessegueiro Island

The chapel is located outside the radios of immediate cultural impact (vestiges), not to compete with these, but without losing an intermittent dialogue by means of views. Adapting, in a certain way, the preexisting language. In the place of intervention, the traces of air, water, and light converge, acting on the erosion of the area, allowing sinuous morphologies (rocks). This is the proposal basis, which seeks, by means of a threshold, to go beyond the obvious limits and open a journey as a pilgrimage.

Boundaries are structured by a series of composite and inclined wooden pillars; charred to the outside and brushed inside. The paths between the rocks, like the chapel, are structured by means of this duality of wood, establishing a light and fragile language in relation to the pre-existence. Through its parts (threshold, route, chapel and landscape), the proposal seeks a general spatial script, recounting a sensitive and ceremonial pilgrimage about the user.

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Claudio C. Araya



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